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Enhanced search

Genre vs. Source Title If both Genre and Source title are filled in, then Genre only will be used for searching. If searching for a Source title, leave Genre blank.
Source Title:
Scoring: Search instruments used in works Search only these instruments
Single or double scored instruments:
Violin Flute Horn
Viola Oboe Trumpet
Violoncello Clarinet Timpani
Double bass Bassoon Instrumental voice
Violone Basso (continuo) Recorder
Harpsichord Harp Organ
Solo or obbligato instruments:
Violin Flute Bassoon
Viola Oboe Trumpet
Violoncello Clarinet Horn
Harpsichord Organ
Soprano Tenor Choir
Alto Bass Vocal (unspec.)
Composer catalogue number:
Genre and Source Title are divided by category (eg Chamber music) and can not be searched simultaneously.

In Scoring, you can choose between 'Search instruments used in works' ie. other instruments can occur, and "Search only these instruments" ie. only ticked instruments appear in the search results. A search for Violin (for example), will give hits for both Violin 1 and Violin 2.

Please note that about 90% of the works in UtileDulci contains a basso (continuo)-part. This is important to keep in mind when using "Search only these instruments".