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Scores from the Utile Dulci collection

Utile Dulci ("Usefulness with pleasure") was the name of a literary society active 1766 - 1795, in part a precursor to The Royal Academy of Music. It consisted of four chapters, including one "musical Areopagus"; whose scores and sheet music the library owns. The music collection was unfortunately divided up according to genre upon delivery to the library (before 1806), and extensive work has been required to identify all volumes.

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Hummel prints in the Utile Dulci Collection

During the latter half of the 18th century the brothers Johann Julius and Burchard Hummel established music publishing firms in Amsterdam and The Hague. These firms, which were soon to become famous for their music prints, were the largest of their kind in the Netherlands. In 1769 JJ Hummel visited Stockholm and was elected a member of Utile Dulci. He established contact with Holmberg's bookstore in 1769, and in 1770 a number of Hummel's editions were advertised. Cari Johansson, former librarian of the rare collections at the Library of the Academy of Music, published a dissertation on the Hummel publishers in 1972 with a thematic catalogue of their collected prints. A total of 45 prints by JJ Hummel and one by B Hummel is found in the Utile Dulci collection.
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